We only carry the leading and most innovating brands in airsoft to custom tailor your ASB package. Choose from the leading models and manufactures while knowing the performance and durability of your AEG will out-perform all players on the field.

Close Quarters Operator

The KWA QRF Mod 1 was designed to be a close quarters SMG. When paired with one of our upgrade packages it becomes a force to be reckoned with. Fast trigger response and a faster rate of fire let you dominate the battle space.

First In The Stack

The KWA Ronin T6 excels in close quarters situations, allowing you to take point once you take the fight indoors. The beauty of this weapon over other CQB options is it uses standard M4 magazines. If you run out in the firefight you can grab a reload off your battle buddy. Choose one of our upgrade packages and make every shot count.

Dominate Your Area Of Operations

The Avalon Mk18 perfectly bridges the gap between close and medium engagement distances. Good indoors and out, paired with one of our upgrade packages you'll win every engagement.

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Custom Automatic Electric Guns is what Airsoft Barracks does!

We pursue excellence

With over two decades of technical experience in the airsoft industry we specialize in custom orders that will help you build the most balanced, reliable and high performance AEG on the field. Contact us -

the performance you deserve

Here at ASB we specialize in fine-tuning your custom AEG to incredible, durable performance without breaking the bank. Be the one that stands out from the rest of the competition on the field. Find the custom package for you below!


We offer a wide variety of add-ons that can be added onto an existing package that may not exist with the above options but insist you to contact our tech shop for full details of customization and pricing options.


Please allow 15 to 20 Business days for your custom gun to be built, tuned, tested and shipped ready to destroy .Please contact us for any questions or concerns about your order.