Krytac LMG




Based off of the Ares Shrike platform, which allowed users to fire belt fed ammunition or from traditional Ar15 magazines, the Krytac LMG combines the firepower of a full sized machine gun with the portability and controls of the traditional AR platform. Pair this with one of our upgrade packages and you’ve got a great shooting gun that can run M4 magazines as well as high round count box magazines. This becomes a great advantage on the field.

We’ve tailored our upgrade packages in this case to work properly with the Krytac AEG platform. As such, there will be a few differences in the Krytac packages compared to the upgrade packages on our home page.

As this is a custom product, built in house by our industry leading technicians, please allow a 2-4 week build time.

We recommend an 11.1 lipo battery with our upgrade packages.

Interested in additional accessories or want to custom tailor this gun to your personal style? Shoot us an email at