Krytac Vector


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The Vector is a submachine gun developed to use an unconventional delayed blowback system that redirects the bolt off-axis into a recess cavity behind the magazine well in the weapon. Combined with an in-line design this effectively reduces felt recoil and muzzle climb. The Super V System allows for superior control and quick follow up shots when engaging multiple targets.

The Krytac Vector AEG was developed in conjunction with Kriss Arms to produce a perfect 1:1 scale replica training platform.  All the weapon mechanics of the Kriss Vector have been replicated in its airsoft counterpart.


We’ve tailored our upgrade packages in this case to work properly with the Vector AEG platform. As such, there will be a few differences in the Vector packages compared to the upgrade packages on our home page.


As this is a custom product, built in house by our industry leading technicians, please allow a 2-4 week build time.

We recommend an 11.1 lipo battery.

Interested in additional accessories or want to custom tailor this gun to your personal style? Shoot us an email at