Elite Force MP5 Competition


We designed these packages to take advantage of the newer Milsim rules allowing SMGs to shoot full auto at 1 Joule. The SMG Optimized package will not only have a decent rate of fire in full auto, the Gate Titan allows incredible trigger response and sensitivity for semi auto.



The HK MP5 is one of the most widely used submachine guns in the world. Adopted by 40 nations and numerous military, law enforcement, inteligence, and security organizations. It’s compactness, accuracy and reliability has made it a favorite of Special Operations units the world over for more than 3 decades.

The MP5 was, for a time, the weapon of choice for US Counter Terrorist units such as Delta Force and SAS, as well as Navy SEAL boarding teams.

Concerns over the stopping power of the round fired by the MP5 have, in recent times, led to the adoption of short barrel carbines in the CQB role. However U.S. forces are occasionally still seen using MP5s.

The Elite Force MP5 is a quality polymer replica with licensed HK trademarks. Add one of our upgrade packages and dominate the CQB role on the field.



As this is a custom product, built in house by our industry leading technicians, please allow a 2-4 week build time.

We recommend an 11.1 lipo battery with our upgrade packages.

Interested in additional accessories or want to custom tailor this gun to your personal style? Shoot us an email at info@airsoft-barracks.com