Custom Shop ASL Tango




The Valken ASL Tango is an affordable entry level AEG option. It features a polymer body which keeps the gun lightweight. Ambi controls make the gun easy to handle and welcoming to lefties. The polymer Mlok rail feels comfortable in the hand and is ready to accept attachments. The six position stock lets you size the Tango up to fit you perfectly, and also contains space for a battery.

The Custom Shop ASL Tango has the following upgrades added to enhance your experience on the field.

  • Integral carbon fiber barrel extension
  • Reflex sight with riser mount
  • Mlok rail segment and vertical grip
  • Upgraded precision steel inner barrel
  • Upgraded hop bucking
  • Lap and polish work on the upgraded barrel


The Custom Shop ASL Tango includes a 45 day warranty through our shop.

As this is a custom product, please allow 2-4 weeks for build time.