Virgo DX AEG – Airsoft Barracks Exclusive


Our exclusive Virgo DX features aftermarket upgrades and a brushless motor which allows crisp trigger response and a quick rate of fire.

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We’ve partnered with VFC to bring you the ASB Exclusive Virgo DX AEG. This builds upon the deluxe Virgo kit by upgrading key internal components as well as adding a high quality handguard, stock assembly, and mid cap magazine. These are built in house by our veteran technicians.

Each Virgo DX AEG includes the latest VFC QRS pistol grip, Crusader Tech tactical accessories (which are left-hand-shooter friendly), recessed CQB barrel (10.5 OAL/9.5in from receiver extension to end of threads) , lightweight 9.5 inch quadrail handguard, crane stock with battery compartment, brushless motor, upgraded piston body (with full steel rack teeth), upgraded POM piston head, upgraded aluminum cylinder head, and Japanese high rebound spring shooting your choice of 350, 400, or 450 FPS with .20s.

External features

  • QRS pistol grip and trigger guard
  • Crusader ambi controls
  • Recessed CQB barrel
  • 9.5 in Fighter handguard
  • Crane Stock with battery compartment

Internal features

  • ECS GearBox (Ver.2.1)
  • Digital Fire Control System that ensures sharp trigger response and allows programmable modes of fire (semi, burst, and full auto)
  • Brushless Motor
  • Quick Release Spring Guide
  • 8mm Ultra High Speed Ball Bearing
  • Upgraded Piston Body with full steel rack
  • Upgraded POM piston head
  • Upgraded Aluminum Cylinder Head
  • Japanese High Rebound Spring
  • Upgraded Precision Barrel
  • Steel Custom Manufacturing High Speed Gear
  • CNC Machined Aerodynamics Nozzle
  • Gen II Rotary Hop-up Chamber