ASB “Laser Beam” Package



Our Custom ASB Laser Beam Package utilizes the new Brushless motor technology paired with the class leading Gate Titan. This package includes a Acetech Lighter S Tracer Unit to make it into the true laser beam machine we all desire.


                              • LABOR INCLUDED
                              • 350-490 FPS OPTIONS
                              • Gate Titan Advanced Mosfet
                              • Speed Adjustable Trigger
                              • Achetech Lighter S Tracer Unit
                              • Piston Head + Body
                              • Cylinder Head
                              • Brushless Motor
                              • AOE Correction
                              • Tappet Plate Fine Tuning
                              • Reshimming
                              • HOP Bucking + Nub
                              • Venmo 6.02 Barrell