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  • Custom Krytac Block 3 PDW

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    Custom Krytac Block 3 PDW


    Combat Optimized+ includes  a Gate Titan trigger unit

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  • Sale!

    Custom Shop ASL Tango

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    Custom Shop ASL Tango

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  • KWA SR7

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    KWA SR7


    Venom Viper barrel included with Combat Optimized packages. Combat Optimized+ includes Gate Titan

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  • Krytac Vector

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    Krytac Vector

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  • KWA TK45c

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    KWA TK45c

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  • Tech Class – Service 101: Upgrade & Repair

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    Tech Class – Service 101: Upgrade & Repair


    If you missed one of our earlier classes you need to come to this one. This is the second time we will be working with KWA as our class gun and we’re very excited because it offers so much potential for future customization.

    If you’ve ever thought about learning to work on airsoft guns, our class is perfect for you!

    Our class is $429.99 and includes the following:

    • 1 brand new KWA M4 AEG
    • $200+ of upgrade parts, including a neo magnet motor, and railed handguard
    • 4+ hours of class time with our industry leading technicians
    • take down manual available only to class members
    • online video guide available only to attendees
    • 20% off coupon for future purchases
    • A certificate of completion
    • Access to a special sale the night of the class

    If you were to purchase this gun and have our tech shop install all of these parts the total would be just under $500.

    We will be hosting our class on Saturday September 21st from 5-9pm at our storefront location in Jacksonville. This is one event you do not want to miss!

    You will leave this class with an upgraded gun shooting 400-450+ guaranteed

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  • Upgraded Mechbox Package

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    Upgraded Mechbox Package

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