Halloween Game

Our Halloween game on the 28th.  We’re going to start playing later in the afternoon  so we can get some low light fighting in, as well as try to beat the heat a little. Games start at 1pm and we’re scheduled to run until 8pm, but we will play longer if we have enough players to keep going!

Because we will be operating in a low light environment as we play into the evening, please bring a red or orange glow stick to use as your dead rag once it gets dark. We recommend the Life Gear 4 in 1 glowstick/flashlight. It’s inexpensive and it has lasted us through several large events. You can pick one up at your local Walmart. We also recommend that you break out your flash lights, lasers, and especially your tracer units. We’re working on stocking more tracer units for the Halloween game, as well as HPA .30 tracer ammo!

Check out the event page here for up to date information.

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