Basic Knowledge

The Sport of Airsoft is fun for all ages and is as safe as you, the player, make it. Remember to respect others and always exercise caution when playing with your airsoft gun.

There are several important points you should know before taking up the sport to make sure you get the most from it.


  • Always treat your airsoft gun as if it were a real gun.  Never point your gun at unprotected people or animals, even in fun.
  • Remember it is against the law to show your airsoft gun in public. Keep it in a gun bag with an orange tip when not in use.
  • Most open field/outdoor games have a maximum limit to the ball bullet (BB) velocity, usually 400 feet per second (FPS). Close quarter battle (CQB) games usually have a lower limit of around 350 FPS. Make sure you know the velocity of your gun.
  • You will need to check over your airsoft gun before and after playing. Check for loose parts, cleanliness of the barrel etc. Internal maintenance of gears and others parts is recommended every 4 – 6 months and is best carried out by a trained professional.

Batteries and chargers

  • Battery voltage (typically 8.4V, 9.6V, 10.8V) governs the rate of fire of your gun – that is the number of BBs leaving your gun each second. It has no effect on the speed of the BB.
  • Increasing the battery voltage in your gun will increase the rate of wear and tear on your gun.
  • Battery capacity (measured in milliamp-hours or mAh) controls how long your gun will continue to function on a single charge.
  • Different types of guns store their batteries in different compartments – in a crane stock, a hand guard, a PEQ stock, in a full stock or in the body of the gun.
  • Most batteries are an exact fit in the compartment. Make sure the battery and connecting wires are perfectly placed to ensure a correct fit.
  • We recommend hi output, smart chargers for your battery – they need less attention, charge fast and have a trickle charge function as the battery becomes fully charged.
  • Don’t leave a battery charging overnight with a standard battery charger – it can damage the battery, the charger or both and is a potential fire hazard.
  • Remember that not every Automatic Electric Gun (AEG) comes with a battery and charger – you may have to buy these as separate items. Check before you buy.

Estimated Charging Times for a Standard Charger*

Battery Milliamps 8.4 Volt Mini 9.6 Volt Mini 8.4 Volt Large 9.6 Volt Large
-500 mah – 500 mah 1.5 to 2 hours 2 to 2.5 hours 1 to 2.5 hours 2 to 3.5 hours
501 mah – 1000 mah 2 to 2.5 hours 2.5 to 3 hours 2.5 to 3 hours 3.5 to 4 hours
1001 mah – 1500 mah 2.5 to 3 hours 3 to 3.5 hours 3 to 3.5 hours 4 to 4.5 hours
1501 mah – 2000 mah 3.5 to 4 hours 4 to 4.5 hours 3.5 to 4 hours 4.5 to 5 hours
2001 mah – 2500 mah     4 to 6 hours 5 to 7 hours
2501 mah – 3000 mah     6 to 7.5 hours 7 to 8.5 hours
3001 mah +     7.5 to 9 hours 8.5 to 10 hours

*These are only estimated times. Please consult your manufacturers charging times for more exact time frames. If the battery starts to get very hot, unplug it.

Guns, BBs and Magazines

  • A metal body to your gun gives a more realistic appearance and is also more durable.
  • Standard capacity magazines – also known as lo cap mags – contain around 30 BBs, the same as their real counterpart. Mid cap magazines contain between 50 and 150 BBs, while hi cap magazines can contain more than 200 BBs.
  • Poor quality BBs – often found in sporting goods stores – can cause damage such as jams, broken gears or pistons in your gun, as they tend to break apart easily. We recommend using high quality BBs
  • Accuracy of your shots is partly controlled by the inner barrel – the longer the inner barrel, the more accurate your gun will be.
  • Any factor governing accuracy is the hop up mechanism, which imparts backspin to the BB before it leaves the barrel. You should adjust the hop up mechanism carefully – too much hop up can cause the BB to jam in the barrel.
  • You can increase the velocity of your BBs by upgrading the spring, but remember that doing so will increase stress on internal parts not designed for the higher rated spring.


  • Warranties vary between manufacturers. Check our FAQ page for detailed information on warranties for different models.
  • Airsoft guns will not last forever. You can increase the life of your gun by maintaining it carefully, but you will eventually need to replace all the internals.


Basic Safety
The three critical factors to remember are to be responsible, to be respectful and to be careful. Read below for more detailed factors affecting safety.

  • Keep your airsoft gun in a gun bag out of sight when not in use.
  • Never point your airsoft gun at any unprotected person or animal.
  • Never look down the barrel of any gun.
  • Always use at least goggles or preferably a face mask when dealing with airsoft guns.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger and the selector in the safe position to avoid accidental firing.
  • When you are finished playing, make sure the safety is on, place the orange safety cap on the flash hider, remove the magazine and check the chamber is clear. Finally remove the battery.
  • Don’t attempt to dismantle your airsoft gun yourself – you can permanently damage your gun. Leave it to trained experts instead.


Basic Troubleshooting
Although most airsoft guns are reliable, there could be times when something goes wrong. Mentioned below are the three most common faults and the fixes that you can try:

  • Nothing happens when you pull the trigger

If your gun is completely out of action and doesn’t even make a noise when you pull the trigger, check if your battery is charged. Try the battery in another AEG to see if it works there.

Check the fuse to see if it has blown

Make sure the battery connections are secure. Tighten the wire to Tamiya connection and the wire to the AEG connection

Still nothing? Make sure the safety is off

  • The gun makes a noise when you pull the trigger but doesn’t fire

Check your battery for full charge. Sometimes there is enough charge left to work the gears but not enough to operate the spring.

Check for a BB jam. If jammed, remove the BB, clean the barrel, lubricate the barrel and hop up, then turn down the hop up as this is often the cause for a jam.

Check you are using top quality BBs. Poor quality BBs will jam your gun, so use only precision made BBs. Never use the small bag of BBs that came with your gun!

Your motor height may be incorrect. Too low or too high and the motor pinion gear will not mesh smoothly with the gearbox bevel gear. Adjust the motor height using the adjustment screw.

  • BB trajectory incorrect

The trajectory of your BB is governed by the hop up mechanism, which imparts back spin to the BB before it leaves the barrel.

Too much hop up will cause the BB to rise through the air after firing or cause jamming.

Too little hop up will cause the BB to fall sharply after firing.

Adjust the hop up by turning the adjusting wheel clockwise to increase hop up, counterclockwise to reduce hop up. But make very gradual changes to the setting as it is very sensitive.

Game Types

Airsoft games are played over two different scenarios with different features that control your choice of gear and BBs.

Close Quarter Battle (CQB) Games

  • CQB games are played in small enclosures and are usually fast paced, head to head combat, with the opposing teams rushing each other while under fire.
  • The only cover available will be bunkers and walls.
  • Because of the close combat scenario, BB velocity is usually limited to 350 FPS at proximities of between 10 to 75 feet.
  • A BB hit at close range can sting and even chip a tooth, so full face masks are recommended.
  • Hi capacity magazines containing 0.20g BBs are recommended
  • A red dot scope with a far eye relief enables rapid target acquisition with both eyes open.
  • Because of the restricted space, a short barreled gun provides greater maneuverability. Vertical grips will provide a more natural stance and give you better control over your gun, while mounted flashlights will enable you to see the BB trajectory in darkened areas.

Open Field Games

  • While CQB games give intense, short term combat, open field games enable longer term games involving a mixture of strategy and intense fire.
  • Military simulation (MilSim) games can last a couple of hours or even days.
  • Because of the larger playing area, BB velocities of up to 400 FPS are allowed, engaging targets at distances of between 75 to 100 feet.
  • Lo to Mid range magazines loaded with 0.25g BBs are recommended because of the greater distances and less intense combat.
  • Full seal goggles will provide good eye protection and allow better cheek weld when using zoom scopes, which normally require close eye relief with one eye closed.
  • With longer combat distances involved, a longer barreled gun will provide greater accuracy at a distance. Accuracy can be further improved by using a bipod front support on your gun.
  • A longer playing time requires higher capacity batteries. Using full stock weapons gives extra space for the larger high capacity batteries.