Airsoft Barracks was founded over 3 years ago as a community forum and quickly grew into one of the largest airsoft forums based in the United States. We are the first national forum community to open a large retail store, which is dedicated to serving the airsoft community through selling only the best products that can be backed by an industry-leading 40 day warranty.

One of the only stores in the US with a dedicated tech-shop that is authorized to cover the Echo1, Classic Army, VFC,  Socom Gear, Bravo,  KWA,  A&K and G&P warranty issues when the gun is purchased from US. This means in most cases the customer does not need to send the gun to the manufacture/distributor to have warranty issues taken care of.

Point of Sale and website system which interlinks the two inventories for an up-to-date every minute product list so the customer does not have to worry about making an order just to get an "out of stock" email the next day.

On site techs to help with repair and upgrade questions and concerns.

Extremely experienced airsoft technicians capable of upgrading your airsoft weapons far beyond what most shops can achieve...

40 day warranty on all upgrades and repairs

One of the largest walk-in retail airsoft stores in the world

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